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September 22, 2021



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Established in 1997, The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB Canada) is the national voice and thought leader of the Canadian interactive marketing and advertising industry. We are the only trade association exclusively dedicated to the development and promotion of the digital marketing and advertising sector in Canada.

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Latest News

Setting the Gold Standard for the Digital Media Supply Chain in Canada

At a time when the industry faces pressure from international regulations, consumer demands and increased advertiser scrutiny, the supply chain must impose self-regulatory standards on itself to ensure it remains secure, effective, and accountable. With a broad spectrum of issues arising over the years, it has been a challenge to identify what exactly the baseline […]

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IAB Tech Lab Launches the Transparency Centre to Further Enable Supply Chain Accountability

Effective transparency requires infrastructure to support it and this week, IAB Tech Lab hit a major milestone with its launch of the highly anticipated Transparency Centre. This first of its kind central hub is a one-stop resource where buyers, sellers and ad tech can look-up which standards media partners have implemented as well as their level of compliance, certification program results, and more. The […]

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Decoding Data Management with CDPs – A Spotlight on Unity

“The amount of customer data doubles every two years, but 99% of new data is never used, analyzed or transformed to drive customer experience” – MIT As consumers demand more from the brands they interact with, making sense of the torrents of data they produce throughout their experiences both offline and online remains a challenge. […]

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Automated Supply Chain Validation – IAB Tech Lab Launches New Service for Publishers

IAB Tech Lab announced last week their newly released automated service for publishers’  Supply Chain Validation. This service allows publishers to validate authorized sellers of their inventory by verifying their ads.txt (authorized digital sellers file) or app-ads.txt files against sellers.json files programmatically.  Two of the most widely adopted sell-side transparency specifications from IAB Tech Lab, ads.txt and app-ads.txt helps […]

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Making Sense of the Privacy Patchwork – IAB’s Cross-Jurisdictional Analysis

IAB gathered over 150 legal experts from eleven jurisdictions around the globe to examine how jurisdiction-specific privacy laws apply to the digital advertising industry. This team of privacy rock stars from nations including Singapore, Nigeria, Brazil, Australia, and Canada have gathered over the past few months to unpack how the nuances in each of these […]

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A note from IAB Canada before you power down for the break ...

A Final Note Before We Power Down on 2020…

Dear IAB Canada Members, Every December, we take the time to reflect on the many highlights that took place throughout the year. While most people on the planet would cite 2020 as “memorable”, for the digital advertising industry specifically, it has been particularly so. Faced with a constant stream of challenges hurled at the industry, […]

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IAB Canada Releases the Advanced TV 2020 Buyer Guide

After an extremely successful Advanced TV Week event earlier this year, we are excited to announce the launch of the IAB Canada 2020 Advanced TV Buying Guide. With over 60% of all Canadians now streaming TV/video online each month, this space has become ripe with opportunity for advertisers who are looking to reach a captive […]

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