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The Business of Digital:Episode1 – All About Audio

Marc Brasset, Director of Digital Operations & Strategy at Western Media Group shares his incredible depth of knowledge in the digital audio advertising space. Hearing Marc describe the possibilities and future of audio will make it impossible not to listen!

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The Business of Digital:Episode2 – Diving into Data & Blockchain

Joni Joyner, Business Futures Consultant with Telus and veteran in ad exchange development discusses the importance of understanding the value of first party data. Our conversation takes us from the basics of data management to the future and touches on Joni's keen interest in the rapid development in block chain.
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The Business of Digital:Episode3 – Unblocking the Blockchain

Alanna Gombert, Global CRO, MetaX

Alanna's commitment to driving transparancy in the digital media supply chain is unstoppable. From her notable role in developing Ads.txt in her role at the IAB Tech Lab, Alanna has jumped fully into cryptocurrency as Global CRO of MetaX a start up focused on "unblocking blockchain for digital advertising" and when you hear her discussing what this means for the industry, you'll understand why.
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The Business of Digital:Episode4 –The Evolution of Social Media with Megan Halkett

Megan Halkett is the Founder and Managing Director of Patio, a Vancouver-based Digital Communications and Advertising agency. Megan's strong background in PR and Crisis Management lends a sober perspective to the use of social media for short and long term initiatives. Megan shares insights on how to use social media at a time when data privacy is at peak interest to advertisers and to consumers.
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The Business of Digital: Episode5 –Location Based Advertising and the Future of Digital out of Home

Edith Gagné is one of Canada's Digtial Out of Home pioneers. As Vice President of Development at Campsite, she's busy pushing envelopes while advocating for industry standards and collaboration. In our discussion we cover off where Digitial Our of Home is going and Edith shares great insights on this data-infused industry in general.
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The Business of Digital Episode 6 – Millennials, Media Trends and Authenticity

Paul Briggs, Senior Analyst, eMarketer Canada

Paul Briggs shares insights on a new eMarketer study to be released June 2018 about Millennials and explains how they are driving marketing trends forward. This discussion touches on everything from millennial media usage, the Direct to Consumer brand economy and the perils of the quest to be cool. We also touch on Blockchain and where it stands in 2018.
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The Business of Digital Episode 7 – Getting Real about Artifical Intelligence

Saad Uddin, Founder & CEO, Native Touch

We take a deep dive on Artificial Intelligence with Saad Uddin who discusses the finer details of using data for advertising and beyond. Saad covers off the data evaluation process as well as some common misconceptions about how to use it effectively.
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The Business of Digital Episode 8 – The Power of Local Journalism and how Brands Connect through Community

Colin Vo, Digital Media Sales Specialist, Star Metro Media

Colin Vo discusses the importance of local media and its impact on journalism. We explore the grassroots approach of going hyper local to allow brands to connect with their audiences. Our discussion takes us through the incredible opportunities that exist in deeper community presence.
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The Business of Digital Episode 9 – Delivering in the Direct Economy Age

Adam Padzik, Manager Digital Marketing, Canada Post

Adam Padzik shares a unique perspective as an essential B2B service provider sitting at the heart of the Direct Economy and its critical role in the evolving Direct Mail supply chain. Adam offers some insights into how DM links to digital initiatives and general innovation in the space of "delivery."
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The Business of Digital Episode 10 – Cracking Automated Audio Advertising

Jeff Galad, Publisher Development Manager, Triton Digital

Jeff Galad provides some insight into automated audio advertising insertions and the exciting developments available to brands through audio channels. We discuss the complexity of the medium and how the evolution of audio will make it easier to dynamically reach consumers while they are intimately engaged in theatre of the mind content.
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The Business of Digital Episode 11 – IAB UK Discusses Addressing Global Supply Chain Issues

Jon Mew, CEO, IAB UK

Jon Mew discusses developments in the UK and the efforts made to address global supply chain issues like brand safety fraud prevention and privacy policy. With the launch of the updated Transparency Consent Framework Jon discusses the need for a balanced public message on the future of digital advertising.
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The Business of Digital Episode 12 – Chameleon Digital Media & Adapt talk Location Based Data

Laura Maurice, Senior Vice President of Sales, & Alan Sifuentes,General Manager, Chameleon Digital Media & Adapt Media

Laura Maurice and Alan Sifuentes discuss location based data and the transformation it has brought to the media industry. Our discussion touches on integrated dashboards as well as the need to get ahead of privacy regular with transparency and control.
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The Business of Digital Episode 13 – KPMG Discussion on Certifications for Privacy by Design

Sharon Bauer,Senior Manager Privacy – Regulatory Information Management Group, KPMG

Sharon Bauer delves into the anticipated amendments that will be made to PIPEDA in Canada within the next 12-18 months and discusses the area of certifications as a means to demonstrate compliance with regulation. We explore the work being done at KPMG around Privacy by Design and weigh in on what the future might look like for responsible data management.
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The Business of Digital: Episode 14 – EQ Works Discussion onthe Power of Location Data

Jed Schneiderman, EVP of Growth & Marketing, EQ Works

Jed Schneiderman discusses the 3-stage process of effective media execution and explains how to leverage first party and third-party data to tap valuable insights. Schneiderman walks through the power of location-based advertising and touches on why it is well positioned to weather the privacy storm.
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The Business of DIgital Episode 15 – The Township Demystifies Cannes Lions Creative

Karen Howe, Founder of The Township, The Township

Karen Howe discusses the top trends at Cannes Lions and delves deeply into how powerful creative can profoundly impact the people who consume it. This lively discussion touches on everything from brand purpose and authenticity to delivering a ROE – a return on emotional investment.
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The Business of Digital Episode 16 – Mejuri Delivers Gems of Insight for DTC Digital Brand Marketing in 2020

Aila Morin, Director of Brand Marketing, Mejuri

Aila gives us a fascinating insider perspective on how DTC brands like Mejuri, a homegrown runaway success in the jewellery sector, go to market and win. We discuss everything from content effective strategies to authenticity and touch on the power of data to transform product offerings and keep up with an attention anemic audience.
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